When Country Music Meets Hip Hop

I just heard a new song, Accidental Racist, by Brad Paisley with LL Cool J “guest rapping” about racial misconceptions.  I never thought I’d hear a country song featuring a rapper, but I listened to the whole song as I read the lyrics.  It tackles the difficult subject of preconceived ideas stemming from race.  The reviews I saw were not positive, but I still managed to objectively listen and “get” the purpose.

Symbols are powerful and often misunderstood.  At least Mr. Paisley opened the dialogue because many Blacks and Whites view people wearing rebel flag adorned apparel as red neck, backwoods hicks who hate Blacks.  Brad provides a different rationale for his affinity for the rebel flag as a White southerner.  He will most assuredly fail to convince some doubters of his viewpoint because they will counter his rebel flag with the swastika (also a symbol from the wrong side of history), but it is possible that some doubters may be swayed, especially since he collaborated with Mr. J, who is of African American descent and provides a counter balance in the song.

Here is the link for anyone who wishes to listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bspK7h15KW8

I’d like to hear your thoughts on the song, any of the posts or ISSUES YOU WANT TO SEE ADDRESSED.

I will post the lyrics for “Accidental Racist” in my next post.

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